Osprey Provap GumCart

Provap GumCart

Compact and transportable, the Provap Gumcart offers the best system in the market, so if you have a gum problem you can now tackle it with confidence.

The steam is super-heated to 180°C (nominal) and delivered at 7.0 bar pressure (nominal), and when used with our Chewing Gum remover detergent, unsightly chewing gum remains are dissolved instantly.

The ProVap Gum cart is capable of producing 115 litres of superheated steam per minute, making it the ideal tool for gum removal.

The machine can be mounted as a PROVAP GUMTROLLEY and can be easily transported on a small van and be left onsite. It comprises of a GumCart, a low noise portable petrol generator and trolley where both are mounted and where enough consumables for a day’s work can be carried.

It is totally autonomous and due to its reduced size, and weighing just 140kg in total, it can be operated in areas difficult to access with vehicles, i.e. pedestrian areas, narrow streets etc…

product code M6049
Price £2700.00 (all prices + vat and delivery)