Osprey Provap Evo Vac

Provap Evo Vac

The new ProVap Evo Vac steam cleaner is the solution to a variety of cleaning problems within a variety of environments where the highest hygiene standards prevail. It provides efficient cleaning and sanitising with the added benefit of a detergent injection facility. The ProVap Evo Vac is ideally suited to Health & Residential Care environments and Clean rooms where the fight against MRSA and other “Superbugs” are amongst the biggest concerns for Medical Professionals today.

The ProVap Evo Vac has been subject to independent, scientific, bactericidal efficacy and healthcare environment viability studies. Following these studies, the results show that it provides a consistent and reliable tool which can be successfully integrated into the cleaning and infection control practises that are recommended for Healthcare Environments

product code 230v/110v M6047/M6048
Price £2990.00 all price +vat and delivery