Rotary Scrubbers & Burnishers

Nilfisk Scrubbers and Burnishers

Low Speed Single Disc


510B Buffing Machine

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PS 333APS 333A

PS 333A Buffing Machine

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FM400 LFM400 L

Low speed for

standard cleaning applications

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High Speed Single Disc

FM400 HFM400 H

High speed machine for polishing applications

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Two Speed Single Disc

FM400 DFM400 D

Dual speed single disc

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Ease of use and

reliability at competitive price

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UHB 51-1500UHB 51-1500

UHB 51-1500 Buffing Machines

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UHR 70-1700HR 70-1700

UHR 70-1700 Buffing Machine

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