Big Brute Popular

The Big Brute Popular

The Big Brute Popular is the original farm vacuum cleaner. It was designed
with the farmer’s needs in mind and will put up with the rough conditions
on the farm. Its awesome power has to be seen to be believed. Even after
the most serious abuse, Big Brute will continue to perform where others
would have given up.
It’s available on a 2-wheel or 4-wheel trolley.

The Basic Model Comprises:

Power 3 x 1.2 kW motors
Capacity 180 litres capacity, including filters and heavy duty inlet spigot.
Filters Standard.
Hose Ø63mm with steel bends and rubber couplers (length as selected). Trolley Heavy
duty, 2-wheeled with rubber wheels.
Tool 1meter long Ø63mm aluminium scraper.
Cable 10 meters with plug.

Options and Accessories

  • Floor, wall and ceiling hand tool kit
  • V39A extra large filter
  • Suck and Blow stainless steel power unit
  • front mounted floor tool
All Prices exclude VAT and delivery charges

Prices correct at 1st January 2012.



The basic machine 3600W, 230V model

complete with drum, 2-wheel trolley, a 1 metre long,

63mm diameter aluminium scraper tool for big, rough

cleaning and 10 metres of electric cable with plug.

Price of unit with 5m Hose £1,503
Price of unit with 10m Hose £1,559
Price of unit with 15m Hose £1,615
Four-Wheeled Trolley with Rubber Wheels £85 (add to priceof machine above)
Superglide Four-Wheeled Trolley with Nylon Wheels

£163 (add to price of machine above)

Skip Tip Trolley £1,491
Hand ToolsFloor Wall and Ceiling HandTool Kit


Other Options (add to price of machine above)
V39A Extra Large Filter


V39B Filter Shaker System


Front-Mounted Floor Tool

£380 (Brush and Trolley Conversion)

Suck & Blow Stainless SteelPower Unit


Suck & Blow GalvanisedSteel Power Unit


Metal Head Stainless SteelPower Unit


Dust Extraction Kit


V356 Easy Empty Lift Out Bag SWL 150 kg


The Mole Underfloor Cleaning Tool
Rectangular (175 -300mm wide)


V142 Round (159mmdiameter)


V80 Rafter Blaster Kit forSuck & Blow Power Unit


V80A Rafter Suction Tool